Stevie Richards interview

I interview 20 year wrestling veteran Stevie Richards, now known by his real name of Michael Manna, in his first wrestling interview since leaving TNA. This 45 minute interview consists of talk and stories from his days in ECW and WWE, plus he reveals  the real reason why he left TNA.  Find out what he’s doing with his life now, his thoughts on wrestlers who remind him of himself, and how he almost came to win one million dollars from a computer game. This was originally going to be an interview just for my dissertation but I decided to share it, because it’s a refreshing insight into the world of wrestling, from a man who has seen it all, and despite neck breaks, punctured lungs, and throat surgery, has not only lived to tell the tale, but has made a career for himself outside the squared circle.

I’m not a professional interviewer – and this isn’t professionally produced (it’ll sound better with headphones on) but I hope you enjoy.

Follow Michael on Twitter, with links to his tech and fitness videos @MichaelManna and I’m @UKMartinHines

To listen or download the show, use Soundcloud –

Or download on Mediafire –


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