Thursday Night Live with Darren Lewis

Been producing a live two hour show for the last couple of Thursday’s hosted by Darren Lewis, who writes for the Daily Mirror, and features on all sorts of radio and TV shows. The show is an examination into the world of sport, predominately football, with guests such as Leroy Rosenior and Perry Groves. Here are a couple of highlights from the last few shows.

Firstly, a look at Chelsea, and their impending (at the time) fixtures against Tottenham and Barcelona, and which teams they should put out against the teams. This was a very interactive segment, with four voices being heard, and their opinions being shared.

And a look at the cash crisis in football, with thoughts from the former Leeds chairman Gerald Krasner.


One thought on “Thursday Night Live with Darren Lewis

  1. Interesting piece, I feel the difference between professionals and guys outside a local boozer is that’s professionals (or professional managers) ensure they get paid not just enjoy.

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