Interesting People Talking Wrestling #2 – Paul Nicholson

Interesting People - iTunes Logo

Welcome to episode two of Interesting People Talking Wrestling, with darts superstar Paul Nicholson. Yes, he of the CM Punk entrance fame.

Was lucky enough to chat to Paul about all manner of wrestling topics, including the juicy subject on whether or not Phil Taylor is the biggest heel in sport, his favourite matches, whether he’d take up wrestling himself, and a lot more.

A couple of sound problems my end in this one, but it’s still (hopefully) listenable, in more ways than one.

To listen, it’d be great if you clicked here to download and also to subscribe on iTunes as you’ll never have to manually download again, and if you feel generous, perhaps leave some glowing five star reviews. If the link doesn’t work for you, simply search ‘Interesting People Talking Wrestling’ in the iTunes store. If you’re not an iTunes user, you can listen right here. Feel free to follow @martinhines for all the latest information on the show.


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