Interesting People Talking Wrestling #3 – Barry Blaustein

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The latest edition of Interesting People Talking Wrestling features an in-depth interview with the creator of the great wrestling documentary Beyond The Mat.

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The interview focuses on a lot of aspects of the film, including, but not limited to:

  • Who he still keeps in touch with from the film
  • His friendship with Jesse Ventura
  • His first hand account of the legit fight between Vader and Paul Orndorff back in 1995
  • Why The Undertaker did not feature in Beyond The Mat
  • Whether New Jack could ever have made it as an actor
  • His thoughts and memories of Dennis Stamp
  • How Paul Heyman’s speech came to be sampled in a song by Does It Offend You Yeah?
  • Thoughts on the films Wrestling With Shadows, and The Wrestler
  • And his true thoughts on Vince McMahon and Paul Heyman

Plus, so much more. It’s always good to support people, and you can CLICK HERE to buy the DVD in the UK.

And for good measure, the song which sampled Paul Heyman’s rousing speech from the film:

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