Interesting People Talking Wrestling #6 – Billy Corgan

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Interesting People Talking Wrestling returned with one of the iconic rock stars of the last 25 years.  The Smashing Pumpkins, Zwan, and solo star Billy Corgan, has had a long and rather eclectic history concerning the world of wrestling.

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The interview covered the length and breadth of Corgan’s interest in wrestling, discussing topics such as:

  • His first memories of wrestling
  • Being involved with ECW in their pomp in the nineties
  • His involvement with Resistance Pro Wrestling, his work as their Creative Director, and his plans for the future regarding the promotion
  • What his ethos is regarding the booking of wrestling
  • Who he is currently enjoying watching in today’s wrestling scene
  • The similarities between the worlds of music and wrestling
  • How an advert he did recently involving some of the wrestlers he is involved with has gone viral
  • Which musicians would make good wrestlers, and which wrestlers would make good rock stars
  • How close he got to making entrance songs for wrestlers
  • His thoughts on the modern wrestling scene, and what he has taken from music into wrestling
  • His favourite matches of all time
  • An update on his autobiography and latest album

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Resistance Pro Wrestling can be found online here or you can follow them on twitter @RESISTANCE_Pro

Here’s a link to the latest edition of Resistance Pro TV:

And the advert which everybody is talking about:

Just for kicks, let’s end with one of the greatest songs of all time.


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