Interesting People Talking Wrestling #8 – Carrie Dunn

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Interesting People Talking Wrestling returned this week with academic, author and journalist Carrie Dunn, who spoke about her new book about British wrestling entitled “Spandex, Screw Jobs and Cheap Pops.

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Topics discussed included:

  • The concept behind the book
  • Challenges Carrie faced in putting the book together
  • Who she interviewed and how she amassed a large amount of interviewees for the book
  • Why British wrestling appeals to her
  • Which British wrestling promotions and wrestlers are currently excelling
  • How she is perceived as a woman in the wrestling industry
  • Which musical stars would make good wrestlers

All that, and so much more. You can buy the book on Amazon by clicking here and you can join the Facebook group for the book here or follow Carrie on twitter here

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Here’s the classic Channel 4 ‘Faking It’ episode discussed on the show, where a ballet dancer became a wrestler. It’s a must watch.


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