Interesting People Talking Wrestling #9 – Brad Wharton

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The latest edition of Interesting People Talking Wrestling featured an interview with MMA broadcaster and journalist Brad Wharton (@MMABrad48) who joined the show to talk about all things MMA and professional wrestling.

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Topics discussed included:

  • The 1976 ‘shoot’ fight between Muhammad Ali and Antonio Inoki
  • Ken Shamrock’s breakthrough in MMA and pro wrestling
  • The 1997 WWF Brawl For All competition
  • Brock Lesnar’s rise to the top in UFC
  • The Daniel Puder and Kurt Angle 2004 Tough Enough Kimura incident
  • How Steve Blackman almost signed for the UFC
  • Who would win in a real fight between Vince McMahon and Dana White

All that and so much more in a really interesting show that will appeal to both pro wrestling and MMA fans.

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Some videos based on the show.

Firstly, some ‘highlights’ from the Ali/Inoki bout

Some classic WWF with Dan Severn, Owen Hart, Ken Shamrock and Steve Blackman all fighting each other

And finally, some information on the proposed Dana White/Vince McMahon superfight

What do you think are the best links between both sports? Which MMA fighters would make good pro wrestlers, and vice versa? Give your suggestions via twitter or by commenting below.


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