Sport Authority

Been working for a little while at a company called Sport Authority as a producer/director. The main thing the company does is to make video previews for sporting events with a heavy betting flavour. These videos are then put onto various betting websites in a unique video player, which when used allows users to watch our previews while clicking up to date odds and betting on them at the same time. The best way to check out how it all works is by clicking here and viewing it on Oddschecker, a huge betting comparison website.

We use a wide roster of pundits, analysts and betting gurus encompassing a wide range of sports.

I’ve been with the company pretty much since their inception in September 2012, and it’s interesting to see how it’s developed in terms of aesthetics and styles. Here’s an example of the set we were using as we were starting, a clip showing some of the pundits best tips for that particular week.

A new set was put in place a few months ago, and aesthetically its made a huge difference, which you can see below with a little bit of our golf coverage.

In my role I research, produce and direct content on all manner of sports, including football, rugby, golf, cricket, boxing, MMA, horse racing, darts, snooker and many more. The key is in keeping an active interest in all manner of sports, and attempting to find out exactly what people want to bet on, in order to be as attractive to the consumer as possible.

Aside from our day to day content, which tends to include between 80 to 130 clips per week (which are between 30 seconds and three minutes long each) there is also the scope to be a little more creative. An example of that is this video which I produced and directed with a real team effort from the rest of the staff. Using the wonder of twitter, we decided to ask our followers for questions which one of our pundits – in this case the European football expert Andy Brassell would answer. The questions came flooding in, and this was the result.


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