Interesting People Talking Wrestling #10 – Des Delgadillo

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A special episode of Interesting People Talking Wrestling, as Des Delagdillo (@DesDelgadillo) , a professional wrestling enthusiast who has been blind since he was three years old joined the show to talk all about wrestling from his unique perspective.

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Topics discussed included:

  • His memories of losing his vision
  • How he first got into being a wrestling fan
  • His perception of wrestling and its matches, and how he views matches in his dead
  • The importance of good wrestling commentary
  • How he goes to live wrestling events in person – and enjoys them
  • His ambitions to work in wrestling in the future
  • How he feels wrestling deals with minorities, both in story-line, and as fans
  • His favourite matches of all time and appreciation of all wrestling from all over the world

All that and so much more, in an incredibly informative and educational show, which also managed to contain a lot of intelligent and informed wrestling talk from a sensible and non cynical perspective.

Des’s writing and audio can be found at his website ThingsDesSays

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One video – and company that Des alerted me to in the video was one called Kaiju Big Battle, which sounds like a game show, but is apparently a fun based wrestling company. Here’s a piece that ESPN did on them.

And here’s the song that opened the show today, a tremendous cover of Pure Imagination, by the legendary Lou Rawls.


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