Talking And Listening #2 – Rohan Ricketts


Episode two of Talking And Listening was a football themed one, as Rohan Ricketts  (@RohanRicketts) joined the show to talk about his career which has seen him play all over the world, from England to Moldova, Germany to Ecuador, India to Hungary. Rohan is also a football pundit, media mogul, and had a lot to say in a very revealing interview from a player still in the game.

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Topics discussed included:

  • Rohan’s time at Arsenal where he started his career, and his move to Spurs
  • His time at Spurs and how he flourished under Glenn Hoddle – plus his thoughts on Hoddle as a manager
  • Stories of how his career finished at Spurs due to the appointment of David Pleat as manager
  • How players of his style are routinely ignored in English football
  • His time in Moldova where he was forced to leave the country despite being owed big money
  • His theories on why English teams are reticent to sign him
  • Where his favourite and least favourite places to play are
  • Just how tough Stevenage’s training methods are under Graham Westley
  • Where it went wrong at his last English club Exeter City
  • How England can improve as a footballing nation

All that and so much more including his tales of playing with Zinedine Zidane, and what would happen if Floyd Mayweather was an English footballer.

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Here’s a montage of some of Rohan’s greatest hits.




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