Talking And Listening #3 – Scroobius Pip


Episode three of the show saw me joined by musician and spoken word artist Scroobius Pip (@ScroobiusPipyo), a man with a lot of fingers in a lot of pies. Pip has released two albums with Dan Le Sac, with a third to follow on October, and a solo record Distraction Pieces which hit the UK top 40 album charts in 2011. Pip also presents The Beatdown on XFM midnight on Saturday nights, as well as promoting club nights all over the country, as well as performing spoken word sets. Put simply, he’s a busy man with a lot of interests so it was a delight for him to join me in London for a one hour sit-down interview chatting about his career, and his love of MMA and football.

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Topics discussed included:

  • The making of the new album with Dan Le Sac and how it differs from his solo album
  • How important the commercial aspects of music are, and how it relates to his music
  • The art of the music video
  • How his music career came about
  • Working with names like Travis Barker and De La Soul
  • Illegal downloading and social media and how they are affecting music both positively and negatively
  • His XFM radio show The Beatdown, how it came about and how the show works
  • His spoken word tour which culminated in a sellout month long run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival
  • The most famous person he’s met who was a bit of a diva
  • His love of Millwall football club, and the reputation that comes from supporting one of the most controversial football clubs in the country
  • The sport of Mixed Martial Arts, and why he loves it so much

All that and so much more, including his favourite films, albums, who he would love to collaborate with, the birth and death of Vine, and what advice he would give to the 16 year old Pip.

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Here’s one of the new singles from the new Scroobius Pip v Dan Le Sac album, a sample of which was played at the start of the show.

And, as mentioned on the show, one of the reasons you really should start watching MMA if you’re not a fan already.


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