Just spent a couple of days in Berlin, and have to say it’s a pretty remarkable city. One thing is is particularly striking is the trust in which the German government must have in its people. There are zero barriers in underground station, there is respectable stewarding in football stadiums, and the whole of the city just feels incredibly safe.

The city has a lot going on at all times – if you want to play Ping Pong at 3am you can, if you want culture it’s there, music, great food, the works. I would recommend it to anyone, as I truly believe that there is something in the city anybody could enjoy, whether it’s walking tours showcasing the remarkable history of the city, to nights out.

I even had the “pleasure” of finding out what happens when you lose a passport abroad. After initial panic, it was a pretty simple process in terms of heading to the British Embassy and getting an emergency replacement.  Usually I would be incredibly annoyed at having to shell out a lot of extra money to get home, but it meant another day in Berlin, which was no bad thing.

That said, if I was in Bangor, Brixton or Beirut that might have been anther story. Please enjoy some generic photos of a city you’ve seen many times before.




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