#1 – Merry Christmas Everyone by Shakin’ Stevens

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And so here we are. Just under a month of blogs, and this is it, the 26th entry in my Christmas countdown. We’ve fed the world, stayed another day, and we haven’t let the bells down in our quest for festive chart glory, and we end here, the number one position filled with so much Christmas cheer it’s like taking bath of tinsel. Hopefully less itchy though.

Shakin’ Stevens was the Olly Murs of the eighties, a pop sensation who was the biggest selling singles artist of that decade. He achieved 33 Top 40 singles in his career, including four number one singles. Stevens was born Michael Barratt in Cardiff in 1948, and spent much of the seventies trying to carve out a career in music. He released eight studio albums before his ninth charted at 62 in the charts. His next three albums charted in the top three.

By the mid-eighties Stevens was the king of the singles, and a mainstay on Top Of The Pops. Like all clever singers riding the crest of success, he decided to focus his intentions on the lucrative Christmas market by releasing a suitably festive tune.

Merry Christmas Everyone was written and ready for release in 1984, but was pulled back a year so it wouldn’t clash with Band Aid’s Do They Know It’s Christmas. A smart, if cynical move, and one that proved correct as it knocked off Saving All My Love For You by Whitney Houston as number one on December 22nd 1985 where it stayed for two weeks.

This has been my favourite Christmas track for a very long time. It has everything you want from a seasonal song, an amazing chorus, festive lyrics, and those bloody wonderful yuletide bells. The video is a masterpiece, with Stevens looking sublime in a grey coat with a wonderful red scarf.

Here he is in that attire with the world’s worst Father Christmas impersonator…


Here he is throwing a snowball at an actual snowman…


And here he is with Father Christmas and the snowman…


The lyrics have everything you want. Parties and exchanging kisses. Singing Christmas song. Finding that special someone under the mistletoe and kissing by candlelight. Rooms swaying and records playing. Snow falling, and everybody having fun.

Look, it’s Christmas, for those of you who have read all of these you must be sick to death of my witty remarks and warm humour by now. Christmas is great, red scarves are great, and completing a project is the sweetest miracle of all. Shakin’ Stevens is the man, we’re all men and women, and after 28 days and over 20,000 words I really have nothing further to say.

Merry Christmas. Listen to Shaky and the rest of the countdown here…

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