The Punch-Up Episode Four – Craig McEwan


Welcome to episode four of the show with Craig McEwan, a former Freddie Roach trained middleweight boxer currently based in Scotland.

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Topics discussed included:

  • Craig’s extensive amateur career which included a bronze medal at the 2002 Commonwealth Games
  • Turning professional in 2006 under the banner of Oscar De La Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions
  • His early professional career
  • Beating Brian Vera and Darnell Boone over a six week period
  • Sparring stories including tales of sparring Vernon Forrest, Winky Wight, and Martin Murray
  • Life in the Wildcard gym, pre and post Manny Pacquaio’s rise to the top
  • His professional defeats, and how they came to be
  • Plans for the future, including possible fights against British based fighters including Chris Eubank Jr, and John Ryder

All that and much more in a very candid and honest interview.

Feel free to follow me on twitter @martinhines if you have any thoughts on the show or just to have a chat, and get subscribing on iTunes to always be the first to listen to each episode. You can contact Craig on twitter @CraigMcEwan13



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