About Me

Multimedia journalist and producer, with over 100 hours of live television production, plus over thirty articles published for national publications.

I started working at Sky Sports at 18 while at university. At 21 I graduated with a first class honours degree in Sports Journalism, and began producing live television content for various channels on Freeview and Sky platforms when I was 22.

Currently I am working freelance, as a webmaster, social media strategist, podcaster, and journalist.

Former TV reviewer for the Daily Mirror, recapping WWE’s flagship television show Raw, and I presented and produced a podcast called Interesting People Talking Wrestling, where I interviewed celebrities about their love of professional wrestling, including people like Billy Corgan, Gabriele Marcotti and Anthony Ogogo.

Previously I worked for Sports Tonight Live, and created, produced and directed shows on boxing, MMA, professional wrestling and football, including booking guests, writing scripts, producing in the gallery, and liaising with the presenters. I produced over 100 hours of live television on Sky and Freeview, including live boxing coverage, and football matches.

If you would like to get in touch about anything, just drop me a tweet @martinhines connect on LinkedIn or drop me an email marthines@gmail.com


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