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R.I.P Ultimate Warrior

When I was a child I didn’t have many heroes. I liked football but I didn’t love it. I loved reading and writing but I was yet to discover the true greats of the craft. Everything was just okay, I found it hard to feel passionate about anything. British Bulldog, conkers, drama, they were all … Continue reading

Interview with WWE’s Fandango

Interview with WWE’s Fandango

Interviewed WWE Superstar Fandango for The Independent newspaper, the full version of which can be read by clicking here. For people who aren’t fans of reading and prefer to listen instead, here’s an audio version of the interview:  

#4 – Stay Another Day by East 17

I was taking part in a music based pub quiz a couple of months ago, when my whole perception of the past changed. Amidst the usual quiz questions involving guessing songs based on opening lines, and lookalikes, there was one particular wringer which caused our entire table in unison to raise brows in quizzical disbelief. … Continue reading

#5 – Lonely This Christmas by Mud

Despite being of the biggest stars in the world for nearly twenty years, Elvis Presley only achieved one Christmas number one, with Return To Sender in 1962. By 1974 Presley was on the downward stretch of his career, with peanut butter sandwiches and pills replacing the quiff and splendor of his youth. This decline was … Continue reading