#4 – Stay Another Day by East 17

I was taking part in a music based pub quiz a couple of months ago, when my whole perception of the past changed. Amidst the usual quiz questions involving guessing songs based on opening lines, and lookalikes, there was one particular wringer which caused our entire table in unison to raise brows in quizzical disbelief. … Continue reading

#5 – Lonely This Christmas by Mud

Despite being of the biggest stars in the world for nearly twenty years, Elvis Presley only achieved one Christmas number one, with Return To Sender in 1962. By 1974 Presley was on the downward stretch of his career, with peanut butter sandwiches and pills replacing the quiff and splendor of his youth. This decline was … Continue reading

#8 Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen

For a large percentage of this country, it’s impossible to have a fully satisfying Christmas Day without a little bit of Queen. At 3pm every December 25th, a nation unites to watch Elizabeth II chat utter nonsense for ten minutes. It just wouldn’t be the same without it, turkey, Top Of The Pops, and a … Continue reading

#9 – Mull Of Kintyre by Wings

Christmas time is for celebration and contemplation, and it’s the latter we will be focusing on here. I’m sure somebody akin to Nelson Mandela once said something along the lines of “the less we say, the more we mean”, and if nobody has coined that phrase before, then I’m claiming it as my own. Paul … Continue reading

#10 – Only You by The Flying Pickets

This time last year my Christmas based writing was limited to this article on The Office Christmas specials and the majesty and beauty of them. Here’s a paragraph from the article, detailing a key scene in the second episode: “A Christmas special would be nothing without a happy ending, and The Office didn’t disappoint in that … Continue reading